Cooking classes

G. 15

In the oldest part of the village which is still protected by the castle walls we have created a modern kitchen, with tasting and dining rooms, where we hold cooking classes and, in particular:

  • cooking demonstrations;
  • lessons on combining wine and food;
  • Italian menus and how to serve.

Although we demonstrate dishes from all over Italy, we pay particular attention to Tuscan food and make sure that we use ingredients that are widely available. Classes are given on complete menus from antipasto to dessert or on a single theme such as first courses, main courses, desserts, olive oil etc. The classes, for a maximum of 20 people, start either at 9.30 a.m. or 3.30 p.m. and last an average of three hours. Whenever possible the class will be held in the participants’ own language and they will be given a booklet of the recipes used during the lesson. After a tour of our cellars, participants sit down at a table laid in the Italian way to enjoy and talk about the dishes just prepared.

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  • scuola di cucina pizza
  • scuola di cucina
  • scuola di cucina
  • scuola di cucina verdure
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  • scuola di cucina aperitivo
  • scuola di cucina bruschetta
  • scuola di cucina salvia fritta
  • scuola di cucina saltimbocca
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